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ABOUT Prithu


Prithu De


Prithu is a Freelance Photographer, and Digital Marketing & SEO Enthusiast

Prithu started learning Photography in the year 2009 while working on a full-time Banking job.

In 2013, he started his career as a full-time Professional Freelance Photographer. Working in various genres of Photography like Documentary Photography, Editorial, Landscape, Street Photography, Corporate Events Photography, Wedding Photography, etc.

Being so much passionate about Graphics and Geometry from his early days, Prithu takes immense pleasure learning and executing each every project of Interior and Architecture Photography. It is a highly prestigious work among all kinds of Photography according to him.

Prithu has been commissioned by both National and International Media and Publications for their projects on Commercial as well as Documentary or Editorial content. Please check Published works for more.

Prithu is struck with NAS or 'Nikon Aquisition Syndrome' his love and affection with Nikon Professional grade Cameras and Lenses made him an avid collector of some rare items. You may get to see some of them in the Gadgets part.

Prithu has mentored number or new professionals in their work, and helps them with their regular issues with Photography and Marketing, taking it as a social responsibility.

Prithu is currently engaged in Professional Photography and Cinematography with different corporate houses and Architectural establishments in India with few big names under his belt as his clientele.

Contact Prithu to consult about your Interior and Architectural Photography in the below numbers. You may use our Contact Us form for more specific requirements/inquiries.


Thanks for reading this much, visit the Portfolio pages to see past works done by Prithu

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