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Prithu De | Professional Photographer |  Architecture and Interior Photography

Not only the rooms but the inline story beneath. Hotel Photography doesn't need to be so very formal. When the designer could practice twist-n-turns why cant the Photographer?

The intricacy of hospitality design is separate from domestic habitats, the challenges in aesthetics and functionality must be highlighted in Photography.

Indian Guest Houses are getting nice makeovers after the digital technology kicked in with all its might.

While doing the Interior Photography of the Guest Houses we can surely see how they are giving tough competitions to small boutique hotels.

Our job is to showcase the good work you have done in making your Guest House an interesting place for a cool, and comfy stay.

A small studio apartment or a lavish duplex in a skyscraper, we have experience in shooting each and every kind.

Personalization and customization is the key that makes the design different from a commercial living space. While photographing Apartment Interiors, we keep a close eye on this aspect. Please check our work for a wide variety of Apartment Interior Design Photography by a number of excellent designers across India.

The term 'Interior Design' goes largely with domestic and serviced apartments.

It is not always the food that is a reason people visit a Restaurant, they enjoy the place. So it is an additional window that you can leverage your Restaurant business.

Highlight the best corners on the digital platform, surely we can help.

We have been into Professional Interior Photography for quite some time now. 

Unlike hotels or restaurants, office space designs are pretty complex. Due to the formal nature and non-luxury of spaces, ofter offices are shown pretty dull in designs leaving only select few. And with the growing trend of entrepreneurship among newer generations, smaller home office designs are in demand.

Be it corporate or a studio workspace, we target to make it look perfect.


Industrial Photography is an unknown challenge to any Professional Photographer

It is beyond the Industrial Landscapes, Factory plants or Metal structures, it is someone's Dream.

We have worked with Government and Private owned industries on various projects. We also have experience in working MNC Beverage manufacturing units.

From Textiles to Leather and Foor Processing we have been working on a vast range of Photography projects. 



16  /  06  /  2023

2023 Architects appointed to create 4 new affordable housing complexes


08  /  12  /  2023

We are proud to announce that 2023 Architects have been shortlisted for the Residential Architect Awards


27  /  09  /  2023

Insider: Plans to production - the full architecture process
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